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Managing your contacts to manage your business

Capture, organize and access your business cards easily and quickly
WorldCard scans and captures a business card in seconds. It recognizes and categorizes the contact information printed on the card including

  • the person’s name
  • company name and address
  • phone and fax number
  • email address
  • mobile phone number
  • company web site URL
  • even MSN/Skype ID

Penpower WorldCard comes to your rescue

WorldCard is designed to address the pressing needs of proffessionalsWorldcrd is deed eet the neldCeiged toddreresi eesin

  • executives
  • middle managers
  • sales representatives
  • product managers
  • purchasing managers
  • insurance agents

just to name a few, to manage contact data in an efficient and effective way.

Get rid of those rubber-banded stacks of cards

No need to search frantically through stacks of cards or into that deep corner of your desk
Save time and energy running through all your business cards just to find the right one.
Eliminate needless typing and endless keyboarding errors entering business card information.

Spend your time dealing with your contacts instead!

An intelligent gateway to your favorite contact managers or CRM applications
We know people love their own contact managers or CRM applications. WorldCard supports synchronization/importing/exporting for

  • Outlook/Outlook Express
  • Lotus Notes
  • ACT!
  • ACT! Premium for Workgroups
  • Goldmine
  • Palm
  • Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile

Minimize typing by leveraging WorldCard’s automatic recognition capability of capturing contact info from all those business cards and synchronizing with your chosen applications to reflect the changes. If you use Outlook, Outlook Express, or ACT!, you can even scan or capture the contact info directly into the applications without even launching WorldCard software. There is no need to learn to how to use new software. Seamless integration with popular applications is the key to integrating Penpower’s business card recognition technology into your corporate IT infrastructure.